Planning for an unforgettable Golden Anniversary Party

Published : 19/11/2008 19:00:21
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

If you have been married for only a few years the prospect of reaching your 50th Golden wedding anniversary is unimaginable. However, there they stand before you. Your parents hold hands as they have done every day for the last half century.

You fill with pride when you see them so happy at their party. The admirable pair stuck together through thick and thin. They have accomplished one of the rarest feats known in modern society. You want to make certain that this 50th Golden anniversary party shows them how special they are to you and your family.

Planning and decorating for a 50th anniversary party requires some attention to detail; luckily for you, the color scheme requires little thought! The gold colour scheme is obvious by virtue of the occasion: the Golden Anniversary. Your task is to choose the party favors, banners, tablecovers, table confetti and other decorations that symbolise 50 years of commitment.

What a stunning visual display it is to see gold and white streamers hanging from the ceilings in each room. Your guest tables look so elegant draped in gold table covers. In the center of each table, you have placed a beautiful floral centerpiece. Each centerpiece holds a ribbon that leads up to the stunning gold foil helium balloon bouquet floating above the seated guests. Each place setting dazzles the eyes with solid gold cups, napkins, plates and cutlery.

Welcome your guests and the guests of honor with gold and white banners announcing the 50th anniversary celebration. Raise your special Golden anniversary champagne glasses and toast the lucky couple on their fantastic accomplishment. Shower your guests with gold confetti and watch as everyone lets their streamers loose. As they pull the gold party poppers with a festive bang, everyone cheers to create an unforgettable atmosphere, on this oh so special, never to be forgotten 50th Anniversary party occasion.

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