Planning For The Three Problems In Every Children's Party

Published : 28/01/2013 00:14:19
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When planning a children's birthday party it's important to be aware of the three rather sticky bits which can catch you out and make things rather difficult. No matter how well planned the party, and how many things there are for the children to do, there are three moments when it's possible to encounter some problems. These include:  

- the start of the party where some people have arrived but you're still waiting for the rest

- the time when you're bringing the food out and the number of supervising adults drops, just as the temptation for the children to nick the odd biscuit rises

- the tail end of the party when some people are tired, have left, or are making a desperate bid to stay for another hour

  So what can you do to help minimise the potential difficulties at these three stages?  

1. One of the things you can do at the start of the party is to set up a treasure hunt. You can easily theme this , so that for an under the sea themed party you can have jelly fish sweets, for a transport themed party little toy cars, and for a princess party glittery stars.

2. It's a good idea to have one adult organise some games for the children as the food is being brought out which keeps them all together, even sitting down. Pass the Parcel is a good example. You can even organise it so that as each person wins a round they get to sit in 'Winners' Row', which is the order in which people can sit down at the table!

3. As for the last part of the party, organising games isn't easy because you'll keep losing people as their parents arrive. Instead you could just organise a simple disco, organise a dancing competition, or something like 'Simon Says'.  

With a simple plan in place for these three moments you'll find the party is a good deal less chaotic, and a good deal less stressful!

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