Planning your child's 1st birthday

Published : 10/11/2008 13:03:16
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Your child's first birthday is a very important occasion, not so much to them, but more for you as you celebrate the milestone of making it a whole year unscathed! As such, if you have started planning their party you have probably already started to notice that most of the guests on the list are more for you than for them. Therefore, when you start to purchase your children's party supplies you might choose more of an adult's theme versus a child’s theme.

Let's face it, your child will remember little of their special day, but you on the other hand, will remember all of it! Plus you will remember how long your guests chose to stay to celebrate with you. So while you may be tempted to deck the stage in Noddy, you might consider buying a few other party accessories such as champagne flutes to keep the older children (your friends!) happy too.

Other than Noddy or maybe In the Night Garden, for the rest of your children's party supplies you may decide to stick to a more basic theme, such as pale blue or pastel pink for the cups, plates, tablecovers etc. There is no need to go over the top decorating a theme to the maximum at this young age. Rather acknowledge the fact this is a children's event, but keep tasteful decorations in mind, so your friends who have not yet reached the child birthing stage are not going to wrinkle up their noses in disgust.

After all, one year is a significant event. Plus, for once you should be able to celebrate your child's arrival in a setting you choose, instead of the hospital maternity ward. Therefore, buy your children’s party supplies decor for both you and her, trust us, your child will not remember nor be grateful half as much as your guests!

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Sarita Cain

10/11/2008 20:02:48

Loved the tips for a first birthday party. Will recommend to my friends - loved your website!

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