Poker Party

Published : 06/03/2009 13:40:49
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

I was helping my father clean out one of his wardrobes, when I came across a container full of poker chips. It was a cylinder approximately six inches in diameter and nearly a foot tall. Inside, there were columns of different coloured chips around the perimeter, and the interior held three decks of cards. I was mildly curious, but set it aside for the trash.

"Hey hey hey, what are you doing with that?"my father asked. "They're old poker chips. Who knows how long they've been sitting around. I put them in the rubbish pile," I answered. "Oh no you don't. These are mine, not yours. I need these for my weekly poker party." "Weekly poker party? What are you talking about? You have no idea how to play poker." "Not true, smart guy. Leonard, Frank, and I all meet at Peter's house once a week for a poker party. I do in fact know how to play, and I do quite well, thank you very much." This was a bit of information about my father that I did not know. "What do you old guys do at these poker parties," I asked. "We drink whisky, play poker, and smoke cigars. That's why we go to Peter's house. He's single, so no wife to complain about the smoke. And, we listen to our music." My father is closer to seventy than sixty. I think Frank may be a year or two younger. I can just picture these guys sitting around playing cards, drinking, and listening to their old 45 records. All that's missing is a few pork pie hats. "This sounds like a lot of fun, dad. You should invite me. I like whisky and cigars," I said. "Ha. Why should I invite you? You have no idea how to play poker."

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