Pottery Painting Parties for Children

Published : 22/06/2009 05:21:54
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Pottery painting and party-ready children go hand in hand. Children love pottery painting parties because it gives them a chance to get creative (a little messy) and hang out with their friends. For kids between the ages of 4 and 10, a pottery painting party is as close to a guaranteed hit as you can get. These parties are usually most successful when the pottery is pre made and the kids are merely responsible for the painting aspect. Pottery spinning is more difficult than it might seem and the perfectionist children in the group are more likely to get frustrated when trying to create something from a mound of clay. However, the painting aspect of pottery is a free and creative expression that allows for the easy covering up of any mistakes that any child might make.

When you gather the kids for a pottery painting party it is best if the materials are set up outside. While this can be done indoors, there will be spills and dropped paintbrushes. The more kids you have the greater the chances are for spills and accidents. Outside these messes are easy to clean up, which makes for a more relaxed adult supervising the pottery painting party.

Plan enough time for your pottery painting party to allow kids to finish their masterpieces and play while their artwork is drying. Kids are going to want to take their finished product home. However, there have been some successful pottery painting parties that were put together as a fundraiser. In cases where it is not appropriate for kids to take their art home with them it is a good idea to allow them to paint a second, smaller piece of pottery for their own interests that can be popped into party bags at the end of the session.

Pottery painting parties are great for shy kids, active kids, outgoing kids, and even the super energized kids. Almost all children respond very well to some organized time with other children, a little adult attention, and some structured fun time.

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