Power Failure Party

Published : 29/01/2009 18:54:19
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Imagine that you are coming home from a wonderful family Christmas party, happy and full of joy. You turn into your neighbourhood, and notice that your neighbours seem to have forgotten to turn their lights on. You turn into your driveway, press the button to open your garage door (you've got one of these right?- no me neither)… and nothing happens.

This exact scenario happened for my sister in law and her family as they came home from our family Christmas party this past year. A storm had gone through town, knocking out power for hundreds of homes. They went to bed confident that the electricity would be restored pretty soon.

They awoke the next morning to find that it was cold in the house. Power had not been restored yet. They had no television, no Internet. They did find a battery powered radio, and were able to charge their cell phones in the car. The power was expected to be out for another two days. They arranged for a place to stay at night with another family, and then took an interesting step.

They did a quick inventory of the refrigerator and freezer to figure out what they had, and what they absolutely had to eat in the next couple of days. There was a lot of food. What to do? Throw a power failure party!

All of us that were at the Christmas party the night before were invited over. Their gas cooker worked, but none of their electrical appliances. This meant there were no dishwasher, no lights, and no electric can opener! Every family brought something that did not require electricity. We were responsible for left over party supplies including some disposable plates and cutlery as there was no hot water to wash up with. Others brought candles and blankets, even a guitar for a bit of entertainment. We ended up having an eclectic assortment of foods, but everyone came away happy and full from this unique, hopefully never to be repeated again power failure party.

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