Power Rangers Party

Published : 10/01/2009 13:55:57
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

A very popular idea for younger party goers is a a Power Rangers party. It's a very popular TV series which has spawned many pieces of memorabilia. There are lotS of fancy dress options as well, either the official stuff or even home made as the costumes are fairly basic in one of four main colours. The Power Rangers costume when in super hero mode are basically one colour from top to bottom, there are some gadgets attached and that's basically it. Add a few Power Rangers masks to complete the outfit.

The Power Ranger party can be added to with the official party supplies and numerous available decorations. Use can be also made of some of the memorabilia -usually to be found in your son's toy box which will help to add to your theming.

A Power Rangers party can have prizes for best fancy dress; pass the parcel with Power Rangers wrapping paper and maybe a a Power Rangers cake to finish off the evening. Also when you give out the traditional party bags for kids to take home don’t forget to add a slice to each. 

One thing to be aware of is getting too many Power Ranger fans together, who may start copying moves, and by accident or by design ,you may have numerous kids kicking and hitting each other. Perhaps to avoid this you could arrange for a blow up punch bag for kids to use, even a power rangers one is probably available. This will perhaps give some controlled fun and keep everyone safe, an easier option maybe to use punch ball balloons for this.

This is a great theme for a kid's party as long as people take care and don't start trying the moves on each other. There are plenty of Power ranger themed items to choose from and it should make for a popular birthday party event.


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