Preparing For The Summer With Fantastic Plastic

Published : 16/04/2012 10:20:22
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Plastic Martini glassAs the weather has generally been improving lately and the long-term weather forecasts indicate that we could be looking forward to a good long summer many of us are already starting to think about having outdoor barbecues, picnics and days out with the family. But one of the things which can often cause a problem is drink, or specifically, the things you use to drink from. Having a barbecue on the patio can be great fun, but the moment a glass is dropped the entire event becomes more like a tap dancing contest with people mincing precariously between virtually invisible shards of glass which threaten to seriously hamper the efforts of those people who rely on their toes for counting in decimal.

The same is true when going on a picnic, although often what you find here is that your lovingly packed picnic which then bounces around an overly stuffed boot as you drive into the forest ends up being somewhat crushed. Coincidentally, your hopes for an enjoyable picnic are similarly crushed when you realise that one of the glasses you packed has shattered, and eating your innocent egg sandwiches has now been turned into a bizarre form of Russian roulette.

Where children and adults are concerned it is particularly important to make sure that there is no risk of even a small sliver of glass being overlooked. For this reason now is probably the best time to start ordering in plastic glasses. Yes, I know what you're thinking, they're either plastic or glass, but they can't be both. Stop being so pedantic. You know what I mean. Alright, have it your way then. For this reason, now is probably the best time to start ordering in plastic drinks containers. Happy? You might also be thinking that you would not really want to offer your guests their drinks in plastic beakers. Especially if you are serving champagne or cocktails. But the truth is that plastic glasses (stop it!) are available in a staggering variety of shapes and designs, and they are often made using a sturdy form of plastic which looks virtually identical to glass. In fact your guests may not even realise at first that they are plastic.

Towards the end of the party, of course your guests won't care one way or the other. With plastic glasses now available in the shape of wine glasses, goblets, cocktail glasses, champagne flutes and many more there is no reason why switching from glass to plastic should in any way compromise style. However, here's an idea which you might like to try, but you can't really do as effectively using glass. Pick up a pack of acrylic pens. You can buy these from any craft store, and there are several sets available on Amazon for just a few pounds. You can use acrylic paint, or even enamel paint, but pens allow you to create finer detail.

You can personalise each glass with people's names on, or decorate them with flowers, patterns or even images relating to the theme of your party. So if you're celebrating someone finally passing their driving test you could draw red letter 'L's over the glasses. Use your imagination and go wild! Just make sure that you don't draw using acrylic paints on the inside of the glass, or too near the top where people's lips might come into contact with it. Keep the decoration to the middle or lower portions of the outside of the glass.

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