Present Your Party Sandwiches in a Loaf

Published : 17/04/2009 12:58:50
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Good food that is well presented adds quite a bit to just about any party. By presenting your party sandwiches in a loaf, you are offering a tasty treat to your guests with a unique twist on presentation. Since your food is such an essential part of your party supplies inventory, you can make it as interesting and unique as you wish. This special party sandwiches twist can be used for adults or childrens parties.

All you need for this successful little party sandwich presentation is your regular finger sandwiches, a few whole loaves of bread, and some food colorings if you wish. Gently slice the top of your bread loaves off, and then pull out the soft inner bread. Using a variety of fresh loaves keeps it more interesting. The hollowed out loaves become your new serving platter for the ever famous buffet sandwiches.

You can even add food colorings to the outside of the loaves by simply brushing it on with a pastry brush. Use sparingly so as not to soak the loaf. Pastel shades can be easily achieved with a diluted solution. Decorating like this is great for special occasions, children’s parties, or even to resemble Easter eggs if you celebrate the holiday. Small, thoughtful, and interesting special touches like serving your party sandwiches in loaves gives your food presentation that extra little touch. And the more extra little touches you add to your party, the more your party comes across as a very carefully thought out celebration. This method of serving your party sandwiches really takes only moments to prepare, but your guests will appreciate the extra effort and the added style to your party.

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