Princess and Pirate Party Bags for Your Themed Birthday Party

Published : 27/06/2009 04:12:31
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Princess party bags, pirate party bags, the perfect themed party all set up with princess and pirate party supplies matching the number of girls and boys that are destined to show up, and one birthday child that is anxiously happy about the start of their party. Then it happens. The guests start showing up and your entire ensemble is thrown off by one child who doesn’t feel by playing by the rules. In today's world it’s happening much more often and planning out the perfect number of princess party bags and the appropriate amount of pirate party bags has parents throwing their hands up in frustration.

If you are going to plan a gender specific themed party for kids, remember that kids are encouraged more than ever to express themselves in their "most honest" way, and your party can be saved simply by keeping a few extra princess party bags and pirate party bags on hand. You can never be sure when one stubborn little girl is going to insist on showing up as a pirate and one expressive little boy in going to turn his pirate outfit into a princess costume. When it happens to someone else’s party, it's funny. When it happens to you, throwing all of your preplanned party supplies off kilter, it's not so funny.

You can simply avert a princess party bag disaster by making sure you pick up one or two extra party bags. Your pirate party bags will still go to the pirates and your princess party bags will still go to the princesses. These days, it is easier to simply ask those who are attending to RSVP with their intention for showing up as a princess or a pirate. This way you will know in advance whether little Tommy is coming as a princess and little Janie will be wielding her sword. Since it’s all make believe and it's a party, it really doesn't matter who shows up as whom as long as your princess and pirate party bags are appropriately stocked.

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