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Published : 11/06/2015 10:00:09
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Our pink carousel cake is a perfect christening cake for a little baby girl, and can be customised with her name and hand delivered to your door.So Kensington Palace has announced this week that little Princess Charlotte, the fourth in line to the throne, will be christened at St Mary Magdalene Church at the Queen's Sandringham estate in Norfolk on 5th July.

We imagine that the event is likely to be covered somewhere in at least one of the national newspapers and perhaps even a magazine – you never know. Christenings are always happy occasions, celebrating a new little life becoming part of a church community or family, although inevitably there tend to be rather unexpected events during the occasions, such as…

  • the baby who was sick all over the vicar
  • the baby who weed on the vicar
  • the baby who was sick in the font
  • the baby who was dropped into the font by the vicar
  • the baby who was left at home by the absent minded and somewhat flustered parents
  • the vicar who got the wrong name of the baby  

The Difference Between A Christening And A Baptism

Many people tend to be confused as to the difference between a christening and a baptism. In fact there's really very little difference as they tend to refer to the same event, but essentially a christening is something that happens at a baptism. The baptism tradition  is when the priest pours water three times over the baby's head to wash away sins, and at the same time the baby is formally given his or her first name, or 'Christian' name.  

Our blue christening cake with blue booties is a gorgeous cake that's ideal for a baby's christening, and can be customised with their name, and hand delivered to your door.

Christening Traditions

There are a number of traditions associated with a christening, including giving the child a gift, often with their name on it such as an engraved silver spoon or silver ornament (teddy bears are popular at the moment). Of course after the service the family and friends will often meet back at home where there will be food, and almost always a special christening cake. Now, this can be a problem. Because the parents are still coping with a very young baby, and clearly don’t have time or energy to bake and decorate an elaborate cake. And given the attention the cake will get, and the fact that it will feature in photographs that will be treasured for many years to come, the task of creating a christening cake is not one many people are willing to take on. Which is where we at Parteaz can help. Our professional cake bakers and decorators have many years' experience creating stunning christening cakes, which we can then hand deliver to your door. It couldn’t be easier, and if you take a look at our christening cakes you'll see that there's no doubt they'll be a real feature and a talking point for a long time to come. Enjoy having a browse through our cakes, all of which can be customised and personalised, or give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss any ideas or requests you have.  

And Finally…

If someone you know is having a christening on July 5th, the same day as Princess Charlotte, let us know – we may be able to offer you something rather special!  

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