Princess Tea Party

Published : 04/12/2008 14:10:41
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Two of our nieces recently came to visit. Their ages are 3 and 5 years. My daughter is also 5 years old. The weather was not conducive to outdoor play. What to do with these three young girls? Why, throw a Princess Tea Party, of course!

Dressing up as a princess is a requirement for attending a Princess Tea Party. Princess dresses are mandatory and no princess would dare attend a tea party without her tiara. Our princesses are very formal, and would not dream of attending a princess party to which they were not properly invited.   Princesses love to dance and sing, and our nieces are no exception. In princess movies, birds and squirrels hear the songs and rush to help the princesses get ready. Our princesses sang to each other, and helped the youngest princess get ready for the party. They set up a table and broke out the plastic tea set.

The set itself is a toy, so no real tea could be served. This did not slow the princesses down at all. Their imaginations were more than adequate for the task. Pretend tea and biscuits were served. Somehow, they cajoled our eight year old son into dressing up as the Handsome Prince. The girls all took turns dancing with the prince. I still don't understand how they managed to trick him into this role, but nonetheless he played the part with enthusiasm.   Princesses are much more excited about the preparation for a tea party than they are for the clean up after the tea party. Toys and clothes have to be put away without any help from the squirrels and the birds. The Handsome Prince conveniently disappeared, just in time. With some encouragement, the job was completed successfully. The lone complaint? "Why is there no ice cream at this Princess Tea Party?"

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