Pyjama Party

Published : 27/01/2009 07:14:12
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My daughter is five years old. Our neighbour across the street is also five years old. The kids were born less than two weeks apart. They attend the same school, and both families are members of the same swim club. When the girls first got together, they were not terribly interested in playing together.

Over the years, however, they have grown to be great friends. They conspire against my daughter's older brother, and our neighbour's younger brother. When Amy, the girl next door has a party, she invites my daughter. When my daughter has a party, she invites Amy.   The girls came home from school last week and announced that, when the weekend came, they were going to hold a pyjama party. One girl would host the other for a sleep over. They decided that my daughter would be the host, since Amy's younger brother went to bed early and they would have to be too quiet. The girls would wear their pyjamas all evening. They decided to limit themselves to no more than three stuffed animals, and three CDs of their favourite music.

Their party consisted of watching television for half an hour, then moving over to singing and dancing with their stuffed animals. At some point they would get thirsty. The host's house would provide plastic champagne flutes for the girls to drink from, so they could have their drinks near their dance area without having to worry about breaking the cups. And, the champagne flutes would add that air of sophistication that every pyjama party needs. This comment really made us laugh. Where do five year old girls learn about champagne flutes and an air of sophistication? Still at least the party supplies list was short and there was no need to add in Champagne, lemonade, much to my delight was the only drinks addition required.

  We parents agreed to the Pyjama party, and the girls proceeded according to plan. They did eventually tire themselves out, and fall asleep. No stuffed animals were harmed, and no champagne flutes were broken.

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