Recycle your disposable Helium tank

Published : 15/05/2009 19:28:05
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

After your party and during the clean-up you will eventually stumble across that disposable helium tank that you used to float all those party balloons. The question then becomes, "what to do with it". Well you can toss it, (bad idea), you can leave it out for the bin man with your recyclables (good idea), you can take it to the steel recycling centre, (good idea) you can even call the local rag and bone man, (so-so) what you can't do is refill it! Disposable helium tanks are designed to be recycled and designed not to be refilled, most tanks will have a warning on them that strongly advises you not to refill the tank due to the possibility of explosion. The warning on the tanks will also say something about not inhaling the helium even if you think your new squeaky voice is cute.

The possibility you might asphyxiate yourself is remote but it has happened and is therefore not recommended. A few logical restrictions will also be included on your disposable helium tank such as a precaution against poking it with a sharp object (duh) or putting in a fire or letting it stay damp for very long. If you decide to let the rubbish man take it be sure it is empty of all the gas, take it out side and slowly open the valve to the great outdoors allowing all the remaining pressure to dissipate, leave the valve open or in some cases remove the valve from the tank, and place the tank with your other recyclables.

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