Release a Few Sky Lanterns for a Dramatic End to Your Party

Published : 13/04/2009 20:23:50
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

If you release a few sky lanterns for a really dramatic end to your party, it's like sending your guests home with a perfect show just for them. It's really hard to find party supplies that rev up the atmosphere and make the whole shindig a huge success. Sure, you can offer great food and games, but something like sky lanterns floating into the sky on a clear night is like adding your own signature to your party.

I love to end a party this way because you get two added bonuses. One, you're like the hero of the party because you did something a little different and entertaining, not to mention beautiful. Two, I love to watch my guests faces light up like they are watching the best fireworks show ever.

Since the world of party products is becoming more competitive, and they keep churning out new and cool ideas, it's becoming easier to find things like biodegradable sky lanterns to add that bit of flare. I never want a guest to leave my party thinking it was a "nice"get together. I want them to leave my party thinking that it was a blast and they want to come back tomorrow to do it again. That's a successful bang in my book.

For some of my more festive occasions, I like to toss in a few of those large outdoor confetti cannons and then shoot those off just before we send the sky lanterns up into the sky. A party is for celebrating, so the way I see it, we should celebrate in big ways.

One word of warning though, do make sure that you release your sky lanterns on a very still night and only in an area that is open and not surrounded by houses. Flaming Sky Lanterns get stuck in trees very easily!

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