Remembering Food Allergies When Planning Your Children's Birthday Party

Published : 09/11/2008 19:55:52
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

When planning a children's birthday party, and purchasing all the various party supplies, it is well to remember that many children have food allergies, or dietary requirements which could ruin the big day if you do not give due attention to your party food. Often younger children will not be aware enough to refuse party food which they shouldn't be eating, and older kids may be embarrassed and say nothing. The standard party organiser advice is to ask parents well in advance of the day. This will give you plenty of time to prepare, and have food that the child in question can eat. In this way you can accommodate their needs without singling them out from their friends or making them feel awkward or different. It is best not to make a fuss of the child on the day, just play the part of the omniscient controller, quietly but confidently keeping everyone happy!

Some common food allergies include lactose or milk protein (dairy products), celiac disease (wheat, oats, barley, and rye), peanuts, soya, shellfish, and eggs. Thankfully, speciality dietary specific food is now commonly available in most supermarkets, although it can be expensive. A little bit of forward planning along with some basic research will allow you to create a party bag for any child regardless of their obscure food allergies or dietary requirements. It's all just another cog in the wheel of the successful children's birthday party.

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