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Published : 15/01/2009 14:00:14
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I am a member of a club that is dedicated to the restoration and driving of Ford Model A autos. These cars were all build in 1929 through 1931. That makes them all nearly eighty years old. The other club members are almost as old as the cars themselves. They have children that are older than me. Some of them have grandchildren that are my age.

Model A's were a breakthrough in how little maintenance they required compared to cars of their day. Compared to cars of today, they are unreliable, and require constant work to keep running. This is a popular point with my club. They are all retired, and love spending their free time maintaining their cars. At least once a month, the cars come out of the garage for a club event. This always involves a stop for ice cream.

During one stop last summer, the conversation came around to your favorite retirement party. Vic, our club director, was planning his retirement party and needed some ideas. One guy suggested a Model A car theme. Another guy said no, because most of the guests don't care about cars. A third said just keep it simple with a banner or two, or it won't be fun to prepare for. "After all Vic, you're not a young kid any more. Don't tire yourself out in preparation so you can have fun at the party."                  I did not have much to offer to the conversation, since most of my contemporaries are still working. It was interesting to hear that some of the guys suggested some risque party “favors”. Each one got a slap on the arm and a scowl from his wife. Vic's retirement party is now two months away. I can't wait to see what he comes up with.


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