Rough play or Bullying at a Children's Party

Published : 17/11/2008 06:45:26
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

A typical party will often have some small element of rough play or bullying. Many times this can be hidden or outside the radar of parents and supervisors. It's essential then to ensure adequate supervision at your party, without spoiling the fun. Teachers and those who work with children will attest to the fact that it can sometimes be difficult for the grown up to differentiate between good natured horse play and something more serious. Dealing with overly boisterous and potentially dangerous play is the simpler issue of the two to deal with. In my mind the first step should be to stop the play and communicate directly to the children that such play won’t be tolerated. Point out what would happen if something went wrong, and how someone getting injured would spoil the fun. I think it’s important to strike the right tone – authoritative and direct but not overly harsh. Communicating in a clear, calm, and concise manner is also crucial. Keep a good balance, after all it is still a children's party.

Outright bullying on the other hand can be a more tricky problem to stamp out. I think, it's best to isolate the parties involved and get each side of the story, without making the bully or the child being bullied, feel singled out or embarrassed in front of the group. If you suspect a child of bullying another, or mistreating them in some way it's probably good to inform both sets of parents if they are there. Again it's best not to overreact to such issues.   A great tip that a teacher friend once told me is to ask the other children to help the difficult one to be good. This gives the child acting badly the attention that they crave, whilst involving the other children in their censure.

These are my thoughts on bullying and rough play at a children’s party based on a few parental years of experience and much discussion with friends and family…but if I’v got it wrong then drop me a line. Help and advice with this kind of issue is always gladly received.

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