Rubix Cube Themed Birthday Party

Published : 13/04/2009 13:00:43
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

If you are looking for a novel way to celebrate your child's birthday, you may want to consider having a Rubix Cube themed birthday party. You can purchase party supplies that have all the colours of the Rubix cube; red, white, yellow, green, orange and blue. You will also want to get balloons that match these colours to keep the theme going.

You can easily bake a cake that has the same Rubix Cube colours, you will need two cake mixes, food dye, white frosting and four square cake pans. Mix the cake as directed and let cool, once they are cool, stack them into a square shape. Frost lightly with the white frosting and then using the food dye with the rest of the frosting; create the squares of the Rubix Cube. You can do this by first laying string along the cake to separate out each square, you do not need to make each side the same colour, in fact it is more fun if you mix it up a bit.

For the children, you will want to have the parents dress their them in bright clothing. One white sock, one red sock, blue trousers and two or three light tee shirts in green, yellow and orange. The idea is that the children will trade clothing during the party until all children are wearing one complete colour of the Rubix Cube. You can then pass out small Rubix Cube gifts to the children as a party favour.

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