Rummikub Party Game

Published : 18/01/2009 08:30:53
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

I asked my friend Annie about her New Year's Eve, expecting to hear some great story about how she and her boyfriend flew to an exotic city and partied like rock stars. I am more than a few years older than her, and have kids, so I live vicariously through her and a couple of other colleagues that are recent university graduates. I was disappointed to hear that she stayed home and had a quiet party with a few friends.   She saw the look on my face, and immediately started to explain the great new game she discovered. She pronounced it "Rummy Cub". She said that she first played it at a Christmas party with her boyfriend, his parents, and some young kids. She was excited about how much fun it was to play the game with both adults and kids.   The game, actually spelled Rummikub, is similar to Rummy card games. Instead of cards, the game uses tiles that can be combined based on number and colour. To give the kid's something to play for, other than just the thrill of victory, the winner of the game got a toy from one of the left over party bags from Christmas. She had so much fun playing that she and her boyfriend planned their entire New Year's Eve party around Rummikub. They skipped the kid rules, and had some fun with a different set of rules for winners and losers. Losers all had to take a drink. The winner had the option of taking a drink, or picking one of the losers to take a second drink. You can see where this would turn into a more entertaining party in short order. Annie was very adamant that her guests all had fun, and enthusiastically endorsed the game for me and my family. I am sure we will all enjoy it, but it is still no substitute for partying like a rock star.

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