Save Money, Time And Stress With These Party Bag Top Tips

Published : 15/04/2013 10:26:16
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moshi-monsters-party-bagsIt’s the law. Every single child who deigns to turn up at your child's birthday party must be rewarded with a party bag of treats at the end. To do otherwise would bring your family name into shame for a dozen generations.

The problem is though that if you invite a dozen children then the cost of the bags can become quite high. If you buy four or five toys each costing about a pound you could be looking at a total cost of £60, not including the bags, and many parents end up paying even more than this.

Then of course there’s the whole business of handing out the bags at the end. Has everyone got theirs? Has little Johnny actually already had one, and is he coming up asking for a second? What about that unclaimed bag over there – whose is that? There’ll be tears tonight if it’s not reunited with its owner.

It actually doesn’t have to be this way. With a little planning and armed with a few top tips it is perfectly possible to hand out party bags the children will love, and without any of the commonly associated hassle and chaos.

So here are our top party bag tips:

1. Rather than buying half a dozen small toys to try to fill a party bag, just buy one slightly bigger item, such as a mug.

2. Buy a multipack of sweets, such as lollies, and a bag of balloons, and put a small handful of each into each party bag.

3. Buy party bags which include space for a name, and write each child's name on their own party bag well before the start of the party.

4. Rather than handing out prizes to the winners of party games, pop these into their party bags for later, so that you’re not doubling up on prizes and toys.

5. Cut a slice of birthday cake for each child and wrap this in a napkin and pop it into their party bag.

6. Buy some of that coloured packing material which comes in long strips, or alternatively some tissue paper, and use this to pad out the party bags. It will turn them into lucky dips, and the children will enjoy hunting through the bag for the toys and sweets.

Do you have any top party bag tips to add? If so please pop them in the comments box below.

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