Scene Setters

Published : 09/05/2009 07:51:50
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

If you are planning a party at your home but you want to make a theme, consider transforming the look of your available area with Scene Setters and room rolls. You can change your house into a 50's diner or a Hawaiian beach or a Wild West saloon, or many more, just decide on the theme and let the transformation begin. Your party supplies outlet should have a full selection and once you have chosen the theme, for instance a Wild West saloon, you can use one room roll that is the back bar on one wall, and another that depicts the swinging door entrance of a real saloon on another wall.

With a hand full of party accessories such as napkins party cups and the like, the whole scene can be set for a Wild West Party. And don't forget the wanted posters! How about a nice casino night? Scene Setters can transform your party room with casino lights and slot machine room rolls, you can get casino signs and iconic Las Vegas signs to add a feeling of authenticity. Add a casino jackpot money room scene setter to complete the effect. If you want a jump start to summer how about a Hawaiian party theme?

Palm trees, a Tiki Bar, some surf and sand, even some hula girls just for effect. There are literally hundreds of ways your party can be transported to a different place and it won't cost you a plane ticket, just some scene setters and room rolls and you can be back in the 50's or lolling on a "beach" in Hawaii with all the guests at the party in their shorts and bikini's. Ply them with Summer Party Punch and who knows what might happen.

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