Science Party!

Published : 05/12/2008 08:15:54
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One of the best kid's birthday parties I ever attended was a Science Party. Granted, I am partial, as I was a co-host.

My son is a December baby, and with Christmas being so close we are always wrestling with what to do for his birthday. When he was very young, we could get by with just cake and ice cream with his grandparents. As he got older, though, he quickly began to suspect that he was missing out on something. This only got worse when he figured out that all of the decorations, lights, and trees that people put out this time of year weren't really for him.

The Science Party was brilliant. My wife’s idea, but brilliant nonetheless. For our son's fifth birthday, we bundled the kids up and spent an hour examining the trees and wildlife in our neighbourhood park. We were able to track some birds by their footprints. This led to a great round of discussion on what the birds were doing and what they were thinking about. It was heartwarming, and a great laugh, to hear what the kids came up with.   We hired an older nephew to make some strange, unidentified footprints in the mud. We showed the kids the footprints. Speculation grew as we stalked this bizarre animal. Our wary adventurers followed the footprints, that oddly enough led back home. There the kids found a dinosaur party balloon, fake dinosaur bones, and dinosaur "food".

By applying the scientific principles we learned about in the park, the kids figured out that the tracks were fake. That didn't prevent them from running around, growling and slashing, like dinosaurs. And not one kid questioned how dinosaurs could have made hot chocolate as part of their meal. Three years later we still hear our son's friends remark on the fun they had at his Science Party.

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