Scooby Doo Birthday Party

Published : 05/12/2008 20:01:48
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Our eight year old son has been on a football team for the last three years. The team has been composed of almost the exact same kid's since its inception. These kids all go to school together too. Almost every kid invites almost every other kid to almost every birthday party. We parents are running out of ideas.

We've had movie parties, bowling parties, and of course football parties. On the very first practice that the team ever had, one kid chose to nickname himself "Scooby", because of his love for Scooby Doo. While his parents were mortified, the name stuck, and his first team party was, of course, a Scooby Doo party theme, complete with Scooby Snacks in the party bags. The boys all had to join forces and solve the Mystery of the Disappearing Cake.   First, they took construction paper and a big cardboard box to turn it into the Mystery Machine. Then, specific roles were assigned. Our birthday boy of course got to be Scooby Doo. He apparently had been practicing his lines. An older sister was pressed into service as Velma, and my younger daughter volunteered as Danger Prone Daphne.

We had seven Shaggies, and five Freds. We adults helped with make-up to draw beards on the Shaggies, and we rounded up some spare handkerchiefs to tie onto the Freds as cravats.

Scooby's dad dressed up as a ghost, and the hunt for clues was on. The boy's had some very creative ideas for capturing the ghost, and we adults had to give some guidance to make sure the ghost didn't suffer any serious injuries. Before the birthday party was over, he was captured and unmasked. Dad was a cake addict, and he swore he would have gotten away with it if it "weren’t for you pesky kids,and that dog".

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