Score large with a football birthday party

Published : 05/01/2009 19:04:32
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

If you are planning a birthday party for your young budding athlete, one party theme you know they are going to love is a football party. One of the nice things about planning a football party is that not only is the theme easy to decorate for, but your entertainment and games are pretty much taken care of for you.

As an alternative form of invitations you can purchase soft stitch football toys and have your child hand deliver them to their friends with the party details written on them with a permanent marker. This is sure to draw attention to your party, although you can simply purchase regular football party invitations if you are short on time.

The day of the party you can decorate your home with black and white helium balloons and football balloons around your party room. If you get lucky and the weather is dry and warm, you can always have a kick around in the back garden or at your local park.

If your child has a winter birthday, or you just want a backup plan in case the weather does not work in your favour, you can purchase a football pinata to keep the kids occupied. Of course, you also will want to purchase some party bags because no football party is complete without a few of these goodies to finish off the day!

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