Sealife Birthday Cakes, and Doris the Deadly Cow

Published : 28/07/2015 16:52:47
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Shark themed birthday cake, ideal for a sealife party or a fan of sharks and deadly animals!

Under the sea parties are still one of the most popular for children.

Offering everything from sealife birthday cakes to games such as Squid Squid Shark (a variation on the traditional 'Duck Duck Goose' and of course dressing up as an octopus so you can grab more cupcakes, it’s easy to see why they remain so popular.

But there's one thing that surprises us. You see, so many people, especially children, have an intense fear of sharks. As though they're dangerous or something. We've got two things to say about that.

Firstly, it is a FACT that sharks will ONLY attack people who are in the sea. If you're walking down Plymouth High Street, or going for a hike across the Yorkshire Dales you are absolutely safe.

Secondly, sharks are almost completely harmless compared to other creatures, such as cows. Yes, cows.

You may not realise this, but each year, on average, sharks kill one person. That may not sound good, although it does mean that you stand a greater chance of winning the national lottery every week for a year than being eaten by a shark, especially if you live in Coventry and don’t get out much. But rather more startling is the fact that each year, on average, cows kill twenty people.

That means that cows are twenty times more deadly than sharks.

However, when it comes to children's parties, cows tend to generate a little less of a thrill than sharks. Perhaps it’s the fact that a cow pat themed birthday cake is less tempting than one which looks ready to leap of the plate and gobble you up itself.

If your child is having a sealife themed party then we can certainly help out in the cake department. We have a number of sealife birthday cakes, such as the ones below.

Remember, we offer FREE delivery on all our cakes, as well as FREE personalisation (including a message). However, we can reassure you that our cakes will not be delivered by Deadly Doris the cow. We'll send Fangthroat the Shark round instead. He's ever so good with children.

Do you know someone with a child who might like a sealife birthday cake? Send them a link to this page, or share this post on Facebook or Twitter and tag them. Go on - or we'll send Doris!

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