Serve Fruit Smoothies at your child’s Birthday Party

Published : 18/06/2009 06:52:07
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Summer is nearly upon us, or so says the calendar. Our children are out of school - well soon enough anyway. Undoubtedly the weather will eventually catch up, and when it does the kids will be clambering for ice cream and the like. We are trying to be more health conscious, and looking for healthy alternatives. My daughter has a birthday in July, and we are looking for alternatives to the traditional cake and ice cream fare. Enter the Fruit Smoothie.   I recently worked about a block away from a place called Smoothie King, which claimed to be Americas first and original health smoothie franchise. On a whim, I tried one, and found myself addicted immediately. I clipped coupons, and took the whole family for a try. They all loved their fruit smoothies, although we did keep the protein additives out of the kids’ drinks.

My six year old daughter had the idea to bring her friends along for her birthday party. While I do not think I could actually afford that, I did think that she was on to something. So, instead of taking the party to the smoothies, we are going to take the smoothies to the party. A quick google search for fruit smoothie recipes uncovered several web sites dedicated to nothing but great fruit smoothie recipes. Yogurt, fruit juice, bananas, and ice are staple ingredients. From there, add fruits and berries to suit each party attendee’s taste. In fact, you can let the kids select their ingredients and throw them into the blender themselves. It is fun, and way better for them than cakes and ice cream. For the adults in the party, a splash or two of vodka can enhance the taste, and the party overall. Fruit smoothies make the party a win-win for everyone, you can even dish out a portion for your guests to take home along side their party bags. Just make sure you remember to pick up straws and lids from your party supplies shop or you may have a bit of a sticky end to your party!

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