Shop for your party food online from Asda or from Tesco?

Published : 07/04/2009 14:05:49
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

I'm a regular online shopper with Teco but when it came to shopping for my party food I decided to give Asda a go. To be honest I was looking to save a few quid - but then who isn't these days. Party costs can soon add up so I thought it was time to pull my belt in a bit and see if I could make the pennies go a bit further and save a little towards some themed party supplies, plastic glassess, party bags for the kids etc.

I wasn't going for a sit down affair just some simple buffet style party food and drinks. A family gathering was all I had planned but whilst I was at it I decided to get my monthly shop - tins, loo rolls, bleach all that kind of boring stuff. That way I'd only have the one Asda delivery charge and of couse the convenience of shopping online ment no little people at my ankles begging for Easter Eggs (now available in nearly every isle it would seem!)

I would normally have got my party food from Tesco and after this once in a life time experience with Asda that's exactly what I'll be doing in the future. Firstly I have to be honest I was very pleased with their web site and I give them a good 8 out of 10 here. The real problem started when the food was delivered - not the delivery, the food. I had ordered 6 packs of pastrami most of which was party food and some for packed lunches too. When I looked at the expiery dates I had 72 hours in which to cosume the 6 packs! The same applied to my ham joint! When I queeried this on the Asda helpline they advised me that I would be recieving a call from Asda later that day - an unusual practice I thought, not at all like Tesco who deal with any problems (if any) there and then.

The day passed and no call about the rapidly deteriarating state of my party food that wasn't suitable for freezing. We didn't eat anything as I had been advised by the helpfull man on the telephone that I could have either a replacement or a refund. Great I thought I'll have a replacement. No need to have to go out and by my party food again - and I know that I would't get that service from Tesco.

Sadly it would seem that I wouln't be getting that service from Asda either. When I phoned the next day (now only 48 hours in which to consume the party food and overdose on protein) I was advised that the Asda store had "checked their book" and that deli items were fine to be sent out with a very short shelf life. Shame that no one bothered to let me know. The lack of refund on the party food and the manky beef for my caserole for that matter, that withered in the frige well within its shelf life, made this cost cutting exercise a rather expensive one. I think next time my party food will be an online Tesco affair - sorry Asda - I gave you a chance and you muffed it.


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