Shopping Centre Scavenger Hunt Party

Published : 10/02/2009 18:22:18
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We called my cousin over the weekend to wish her daughter a happy birthday. My cousin's daughter had just turned fourteen, and was very excited about her birthday party. She had been talking about it for months, and was just so happy to tell us all about it.

Usually we get invited to these parties, but not this time. The party guest list was very strictly limited to girls aged thirteen to fifteen. If you were not a girl between these ages, there was no way you were going to attend this party. My five year old daughter was disappointed at not being invited, especially after she heard how much fun was had.

The theme of the party was a scavenger hunt. There were a total of twenty four girls. They were divided into six teams of four girls. Each team of girls was given a matching glow bracelet. My cousin and four other volunteer parents drove the girls to Lakeside shopping centre, and turned them loose. She gave each team a list of clues. The team was then directed to find each item that the clue directed them to, and take a digital photo on their phone of the item. It was a test of their ability to follow directions and solve a puzzle, and also a test of how well they knew my cousin’s daughter.

The winning team was supposed to be the one that came back with the most photos of items on their list. Apparently, these girls all knew their party host really well, and all of the teams completed their mission. My cousin's daughter thought this was just the best outcome, because it showed her how much her friends cared about her. My cousin thought it was great too, except she didn't have gifts for everyone. She came through, though, and got gift certificates for all the girls which she popped into their party bags. Now they can all go back for a shopping spree. Oh and this Scavenger Hunt party went down so well that now the other girls are competing for a Blue water birthday party scavenger hunt - I think I've started something here.

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