Silk Flowers Party

Published : 09/02/2009 18:35:25
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My wife has a group of friends. They are all mothers to kids between the ages of two and ten. They have banded together for support and self-defence. One of the ways that the group's support for one another manifests itself is in parties.

One of the mothers threw a makeup party, where guests would come, try different types of makeup, and place an order with the hostess. Another one of the mothers threw a candle party, where the guests would come, smell the candles, and be hypnotized into buying some of the most expensive candles known to all of humankind. Yet another one of the mothers threw a bra party, where the women were able to try different bras and be properly fitted. You get the idea though, the women get together, have some snacks, drink some wine, and spend some money.

To be honest, these parties actually made some sense to me. The real stumper was the Silk Flowers Party. I am all for having plants around the house, but I definitely prefer real ones. These were not real, but were instead artificial flowers made of silk, that, without very careful examination, appear to be real. Now, why you would want silk flowers as opposed to real flowers quite frankly is beyond my meager understanding.

I was stunned to hear that such a thing even existed and even more shocked to hear that my wife wanted to go to the party. I threatened to call her cousin the tree farmer and tell him that she was trying to put him out of business. She laughed at me about that. In the end, though, as so often happens, my protestations fell on deaf ears. Let's just say that the house looks much more cheerful and bright with our new silk plants!


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