Simple Parties

Published : 09/12/2008 13:10:53
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

With money tight and time short it's perhaps time to go back to basics. It's true to say that it's the simple parties that are often the best remembered. There's no need to spend a fortune when you can spend a little and you can use things you already have. Many adult parties are OK with a few drinks, something all visitors can contribute to. You as a host can contribute some basics such as party glasses for the drinks and other things for the party goers to do during the evening. With modern items such as computer games system you can use this for the evening, maybe sort some sort of tournament for guests.

The same can be done if you have some room in the house or in the garden for a table tennis table or maybe a pool table, equally a dart board can be used for numerous games that could include numerous people at a time. You could also use your party glasses for a few drinking games as long as you're careful, in fact you can buy drinking games alongside the standard board games that many shops sell. There's even drinking based chess sets to go with standard versions. In fact why not try a board game party, a monopoly night for example or maybe Cluedo. Even consider a party for a smaller group that is something extra simple, a card game night for example or a simple food based evening with no real extras except sitting and talking. The drinking glasses need be the only sign you have spent any extra money other than the drink: although these days most people will happily bring along their own booze, make merry and enjoy themselves even without all the extra party frills. A liitle music, a few party drinks and some good company are surely the key ingredients for simple parties at their very best!

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