Simpsons Themed Birthday party

Published : 28/11/2008 08:15:59
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Many of the male population seem to love watching the Simpsons, in fact many a man resembles Homer Simpson in some way, form, or shape! Whether it's the big beer belly that's so typically referred to as the middle aged spread. Or the love for sitting and watching the TV snuggled up in ones favourite cosy armchair.

Maybe your husband, boyfriend or son has a love for doughnuts, but whatever the resemblance is you can rest assured that a Simpson's themed birthday party will go down a treat! It needn't cost the earth, you can arrange for your husband’s friends to come around then a few cans of beer along with a stack of doughnuts and crisps is just about all the party food that you will need to provide for the fellas – the grown up ones that is. Don't forget to add a couple of Simpsons balloons for decorations and a couple of party banners to finish off.

As far as the entertainment goes, why not rent out a film or simply stick on the football! Slices of Homer birthday cake will just about round off the party. Your bloke will be the talk of the lads and a Simpsons themed birthday party will go down a treat.

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