Sipping At The Fountain Of Scientific Enlightenment

Published : 07/03/2011 16:52:50
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

We're not sure whether there has ever been a proper scientific investigation into whether it's a real phenomenon or not, but we're absolutely convinced that a drink tastes better if sipped through a straw.

In fact, if there hasn't been a proper scientific investigation into drinking cocktails with and without a straw, we'd like to volunteer. Honestly, we'll be ever so thorough. Hic.

The fact is that straws seem to make drinks taste that little bit better, and with the right kind of straw they can look better too. For children's parties we have a whole rainbow of coloured straws to choose from, and for more grown up parties with slightly more sophisticated drinks than orange juice or coke, we have some stunning Luau umbrella straws, with a Hibiscus flower built into the straw itself.

Oh, and of course don't forget those cocktail umbrellas - we can supply enough for the whole of our scientific investigation, or one really outstanding party!

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