Six Ingenious And Creative Pinatas

Published : 14/07/2012 12:08:56
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We are constantly amazed at the incredible variety of pinatas available, and on our site you can see some pretty creative efforts, from a cactus pinata to a pirate's treasure chest pinata, and from a platform shoe pinata to a shark pinata. But we've been having a look around just lately at some of the more extraordinary pinatas people have created, and thought that today we'd share some of our favourite finds.  

The World's Largest Pinata

The World's Largest Pinata The world's largest ever pinata looks suspiciously like the donkey pinata we sell on our site. However, whereas our donkey is just a couple of feet in length, the one constructed in Philadelphia was a massive 94 feet long, 24 feet wide and stood 60 feet tall. Yes, it was actually full of sweets as well. In fact there were 8,000 lbs of sweets crammed inside. Unsurprisingly they didn't just give one small child a stick and leave him to it. The entire creation was cracked open using a wrecking ball.  

The Computer Pinata

The Computer Pinata Let's be honest, most of us have wanted to hit our computer at one time or another. Wouldn't it be great if you could do exactly that, and be rewarded for it as well? This realistic looking computer pinata, which could easily be made at home, gives you the chance to vent your anger at technology by thumping it repeatedly with a big stick, and then instead of being rewarded with an electric shock, a sad pile of broken components and a large bill, you get a whole heap of sweets. After this one has been thoroughly abused we don't think a simple reboot is going to do much good.  

The Bottom Pinata

The Bottom Pinata Well, this just shows that there is a pinata for everybody. Exactly who you would give this to we're not sure, but presumably someone you could rely on to have a sense of humour. We're really not going to say an awful lot about this one, but we thought it might raise a smile with one or two of readers. For the sake of some of our more sensitive readers, and because we are after all a family site, you will be relieved to know we will not be including a picture of the other side of this particular pinata. That's what imaginations for.  

The Rubik's Cube Pinata

The Rubik's Cube Pinata Although it looks quite an easy thing to make, with just a cardboard box, we're inclined to think that it's probably better to make the frame, and then cover each side with paper mache. This is going to provide more resistance, and enable the pinata to be cracked open rather than just split at one of the scenes. But it's an iconic image, and a great idea.  

The Beehive Pinata

The Beehive Pinata We love this one, it looks just like something straight out of a Winnie the Pooh story. If you have a tree outside then this is going to look fabulous hanging from it. The only concern we have is that if it looks too realistic you might start attracting real bees, and then whacking them repeatedly with a stick is likely to result in being rewarded with something rather less appealing than a handful of sweets.  

The Pinata Rose

The Pinata Rose Doesn't this look realistic? If somebody you know invites you to see their pinata rose whatever you do, do not get out a big stick and start thumping the living heck out of it. The pinata rose is in fact a rose named 'pinata', and no matter how much you hit it you will not be rewarded with a cascade of sweets. Instead you are likely to be rewarded with a cascade of well chosen words and a distinct lack of any further invitations in future.   Have you come across an unusual pinata? Have you made your own pinata? Please share your images and ideas below.

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