Slumber party

Published : 07/03/2009 06:58:29
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When I was little, my favourite kind of party for my birthdays were the kinds that lasted all night, even if back then I thought all night meant midnight. I would have all of my friends over, equipped with their sleeping bags, pyjamas, and favourite videos and we would set up camp in the living room with a big bowl of popcorn. Of course no party would be complete without the typical cake and candles. I remember one year my mother got me a cake in the shape of a sleeping bag.

One of our favourite activities was singing along with our favourite bands of the time, after sucking the helium out of the party balloons of course. Nothing made us laugh harder as we crooned along with the back street boys sounding more like the chipmunks.

My mum would always put together party bags that included things that were always forgotten at home, like miniature toothbrushes and toothpastes, miniature hairbrushes, and some sweets for the night time lull. Because everyone knows that you never want to be the first person asleep at a slumber party.

We'd tuck into our bags and watch a good movie before sharing ghost stories and playing heavy-heavy hangover, a game in which your friends take turns saying a poem, "Heavy-heavy hangover my poor head, what do you wish with a bump on your head?", and bump your head with the present they brought for you, after which you would have to make a wish for a good thing for that person before you could open your gift. I can't even remember where we had learned it, but it was always something we looked forward to. The slumber party continued until everyone passed out on the floor and even got going again in the morning before everyone's parents came to pick them up.

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