Slush Puppy

Published : 30/05/2009 20:24:47
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

On a hot summer afternoon with all your friends gathered at your place, a really tasty way to stay cool is with a nice refreshing slush puppy. A party at your place before dinner is a very nice way to set the tone for later in the evening. A slush puppy is nothing more than flavoured crushed ice, it can be made into a very potent adult beverage or it can be made for the kids, the thing is, a slush puppy is as good as the stuff you put in it, therefore; the ingredients are king.

The good thing about a slush puppy is you don’t have to be a bartender to make a good one. The idea behind the drink is that it is a refreshing cooler for a hot afternoon so you need to remember that, in this instance, less is more, and taste is the goal. Fruit is the flavouring and fresh fruit is best. Rum seems to go best with melon type fruit as in the tropics, and vodka seems to suit oranges, peaches and pears the best.   First you will need to crush the ice, and for that there is no end of commercial ice crushing machines, but you don't need them, just use your blender, put your ice in a bag and break it up as much as you can, even if it is already in cubes try to get it smaller, the more broken up the ice is the easier it will be on your blender. Peel the fruit and take the seeds out, now you have a choice, you can puree the fruit and wait to add it till the ice is crushed or you can add the booze and the fruit to the ice while you are crushing it. You don't need to measure anything just keep adding and tasting until your slush puppy's are the best in town, then sit down and enjoy the party.

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