Snazaroo Face Paint for your Party

Published : 17/05/2009 08:26:26
Categories : Party Games and Ideas , Party Planning and Entertainment

I can't remember seeing more joy on a Child's face than when they were getting their faces painted, and the glee lasted all day; snazaroo face paint is great. I did worry about the safety of face painting though, especially in the with a Childs delicate skin. Anything that goes on the skin may have the potential to be absorbed, women have known this for years and that knowledge has guided their make-up choice all their lives, well it's no different for face paint. Snazaroo face paint has taken that worry out of the equation. Skin friendly, non-toxic, and easily washable, Snazaroo face paints are state of the art for safety as well as ease of application and vibrancy of their colours.

Their face paints fully comply with all EU and FDA toy and cosmetic regulations. Whether you are planning a face painting party or if you have decided to start a career doing professional face painting, Snazaroo has the materials you require. With the small party kit for ten children, or twenty kids, or all girls or all boys, even mixed parties, you will find brushes, sponges, a full colour step-by-step guide to help even the novice face painter, and a palate with eight to ten different colours.

Everything you will need for a successful party. If you have more lofty goals than a party and want to paint faces professionally then Snazaroo has just the kit for you. The Professional face painters' kit contains fifteen colours, four brushes, a ten pack of high density sponges, and a face painting book called "five minute faces". Every item is replaceable individually and Snazaroo recommends not keeping any paint more than eighteen months; they also recommend replacing the brushes at regular intervals just to be safe.

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