Some Bee-autiful Birthday Cake And Party Ideas

Published : 13/08/2015 18:38:04
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This gorgeous bumble bee and flower cake includes a very eye catching flower, with a cute bumble bee perched on top of the petals.

What are your plans for this weekend? Perhaps you might be celebrating World Honey Bee Day? Whether you’re a fan of honey, or of fluffy bumble bees, we've got some sweet ideas for birthday cakes and birthday parties with a bee-autiful theme!

World Honey Bee day has been around for six years now, originally started in the US, but now recognised pretty much around the globe. Bee enthusiasts will certainly be making much of the day to help raise awareness of just how important bees are. We'll be doing our bit by scoffing as many slices of honey on toast as we possibly can. Oh yes, and creating some terrific bee inspired birthday cakes.

If you have a child who has a birthday coming up in the next few weeks then bees, and insects in general, can be a great theme to choose. Whether your child loves honey and sweet things to eat, or insects and wildlife that can be found in the garden, bees happily tick both boxes. A garden inspired birthday, with flowers and butterflies, is also a popular theme, and of course a bee birthday cake fits that kind of party theme perfectly too. We have three main cakes with a bee theme, although of course if you have any ideas of your own, do get in touch and let us know, either by having a chat, or even sending us your pictures and drawings! Our cake chefs are extraordinarily skilled and experienced at bringing mad ideas to life in yummy cake and icing. You can see our three suggested bee cakes below.

If you are having a bee themed party, or a party that takes insects, wildlife or gardens as a general theme, then here are a few ideas for things you can do to keep the children happy and entertained.

As the children arrive

You rarely have all of the children turning up for a party at the same time, and so it’s usually helpful to have one or two activities for those children who arrive first to do so they don’t end up sitting around waiting.

Bee Treasure Hunt If you can manage to collect a few of those yellow plastic eggs which can be found inside Kinder Surprise eggs, you can paint a bee design on them using a Sharpie, and then place sweets and prizes inside, then hide them all around the party room for those children who arrive earlier to find.

Flower Garden If you can find or create some line drawings of flowers, you can cut these out, and then have them on a table where children can colour them in however they like, and then attach them to a wall to build up a pretty garden.  

Party games

It’s often very easy to theme party games, and if you’re having a bee or garden themed party you can put a spin on traditional games such as these:

Pin the Bee on the Flower Simply change Pin the Tail on the Donkey by having a bee with a bit of Blu-Tac on the reverse, and a garden picture with a large flower in the middle. The child who manages to place the bee, whilst blindfolded, closest to the centre of the flower wins a prize.

Bee Bee Wasp The old Duck Duck Goose game can easily be updated just with a new name! All the children sit in a circle, and one child goes around the outside tapping each child in turn on the head saying 'Bee', until they decide to say 'Wasp' to one child. The 'Wasp' then has to leap up and chase the Bee all around the circle. Whoever is first to sit back down in the 'Wasp's' place stays there, and the other child is now the one to go around the circle tapping people.

Pass the Parcel A simple way of creating a bee theme is to buy some yellow crepe paper, and some black crepe paper, and then wrap the parcel in alternate colours. So the first layer of wrapping paper is black, then the next layer is yellow, and so on.  

Musical Flowers As the flowers dance in the wind in time to the music, the bumble bee will sometimes land, signalled by the music switching off. All of the flowers must freeze perfectly still, until the bee is finished, and flies away, signalled by the music coming back on again. Any flowers caught moving while the bee is stopped will be out!  

These are just a few simple ideas to help you get started with your bee or garden themed party. Don’t forget that we can provide personalised and customised bee birthday cakes, delivered directly to your door or the party venue.

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