Soup Party

Published : 05/02/2009 18:30:24
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The year end and parties are over. You have finally finished the last of the ham or turkey. Now you have nothing but bones. What do you do with them? Well, if you are my wife or one of her sisters, you throw a soup party!

These parties are much more popular in the cold winter than in the middle of summer. Three of her sisters also love to cook. They get this from their mother, who first hosted the family soup party with her daughters.

Each one of these ladies learned their recipes at her feet, yet each one prepares differently now. My wife will share any leftover parts from the ham or turkey, if her sisters need any, but each one brings her own pots and other ingredients. There is a bit of competition between them, and none of them would trust the outcome to one of her sister’s pots.

The party doesn't get going until the water is on to boil. They usually get together in the mid-afternoon, so the wine consumption is held to a minimum. There is a lot of talk while the rest of the ingredients are prepared. Our kid's love walking into the house when the ladies are at work because of how great the projects smell. To help keep us interlopers out of the kitchen my wife will block the entrance with a shimmer door curtain. It’s festive, and we know she means business when the kitchen is blocked off. Other than the wine and this curtain no other party supplies are required-this is serious business.

The best part of this party without a doubt is when the cooking is done. When my wife hosts these parties I am often pressed into service as a judge. I am reminded that the soups taste better after they have had a chance to sit overnight, but even still there is never a bad batch fresh off the stove.

Er-yes ok, it's February 1st - I neglected to post this January 1st, so my advise now - if you have any Christmas or New Yers left overs, do NOT use them for a soup party!

One word of caution, though, if you are a judge at a soup party-be very aware of which contestants leave when the party is over, and which ones stick around. A poor judgment can make for a long evening!

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