Space Parties - Boldly Going Where No Party Has Gone Before

Published : 10/04/2013 09:00:28
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buzz-lightyear-cardboard-cutout-On this day, 10th April, in 837 AD Halley's Comet passed closer to the Earth than at any other recorded time, skipping past us with barely 3.2 million miles to spare (which in astronomical terms is virtually a hair's breadth - only around 13 times the distance to the moon).

Perhaps you remember the last appearance of Halley's Comet, which we're amazed to realise was back in 1986! Don't forget to make note in your diaries for July 28th, 2061 when it will be popping round for another visit. (I'm going to make sure they wheel me out for that one.)

The great thing about having a children's space themed party is that it appeals to both boys and girls. In fact, a space party is pretty 'universal'. (See what we did there?) So how to go about putting together a truly cosmic space party. Well, first of all you'll want space themed invitations to go out of course, and you may even suggest fancy dress. Children can come dressed as anything from Buzz Lightyear to Doctor Who, an astronaut to an alien.

As for decorating the room, we'd suggest using a space themed starry night room roll to transform a wall, or several walls, into a starlight universe of wonder. They're actually very easy to cut to size, and simply attach using sticky tack or tape. If your budget allows you might want to get an ultraviolet black light or two. They're quite cheap these days, although if you have a DJ friend you may find you can borrow one even easier. If your windows have thick curtains, draw them, or attach black card to them to block out the daylight. Black is obviously going to be a common theme, so black tablecovers are a must, although we suggest decorating them with silver stars table confetti to make them shine and sparkle. If you grab a pack of balloons, blow them up but don’t stick them up straight away. Grab a few marker pens and draw some continents, craters and rings on the balloons to turn them into moons and planets quite easily. You may even find your child enjoys joining in with this before the party.

Think about the party food. With a little imagination you can turn ordinary party food into out-of-this-world party food (we're still at it aren't we?) How about these for examples:  

Flying Saucer Sandwiches: Use a cookie cutter to create circular sandwiches. If you like you can even attach a smaller, round slice of cucumber, cheese or ham to the top of the sandwich, held in place with a cocktail stick.

Planet Jelly: Use a small individual sized round bowl for the jelly, and make up three or four different colours, such as red, green, orange and yellow. Choose a combination of two colours for each individual jelly planet. Add some of the first colour, and then leave it to almost set. When it’s nearly set, add the second colour, and use a fork to very slightly swirl the two different colours together. You can add a third layer too if you like, in the same way. When the whole jelly is set, turn the bowl upside down and serve on a plate - voila! A perfectly round swirling planet of jelly!

  Finally of course we should mention party games. Make sure that you theme your party games suitably, so that instead of Duck Duck Goose you have Star Star Comet or similar. Pin the Tail on the Donkey can become Pin the Flag in the Middle of the Moon, and Musical Statues requires children to walk like an astronaut on the moon.

Do you have any other ideas for a space themed party? Have you put such a party together? Please add your comments below.

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