Space - The Final Party Frontier

Published : 31/01/2013 20:39:15
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Space.. the final party frontier. This is the blog of Parteaz, it's continuing mission to seek out new party ideas, to explore new ways of having fun and wearing the kids out, to boldly party where no one has partied before!

Daaa.. daa! da da da dum.. daa! Space - The Final Party FrontierThere's no doubt that space parties are every bit as popular today as they have been, and children enjoy almost anything to do with space. The great thing about space is that it's neither a boy's nor a girl's thing particularly, and so for mixed parties there's no fear about boys resenting being invited to a fairy party, or girls sitting on the sideline at a football party. Space is universal. At least its appeal is. We're not going to try to get into a cosmological argument here. But what many parents may like to consider is how easily a space party can be themed to particular things your child is interested in. So for example, if your child really loves Star Wars, then you can take some elements from a space party idea and add them in to make it extra special. Or you could look at throwing a space party with a few Star Wars elements to help keep the cost down. To infinity and beyond! The call sign of Buzz Lightyear, one of the most popular characters from Toy Story. Bringing Buzz into a space party will tie both ideas in together. One of the first things to think about when throwing a space party is how to decorate the room. You could just get a big bucket of black paint and throw this everywhere, but tidying up afterwards can be a real pain.

So instead you might like to take a look at the Starry Night Room Roll. This is a room roll which has a wonderful starry night sky pattern to it, and which can easily be cut to size and attached to the wall using either sticky tape or sticky tack. It's a fabulous way of transforming a room very quickly. In fact some parents we know have actually used some of this in their child's bedroom, creating a starry night sky wall much cheaper than wallpaper. Another thing to think about is when you'll actually hold the party. Because if you have it during the middle of the day there's just no way you're going to be able to make it dark enough to create a space atmosphere. If you hold the party during the evening when its already getting dark outside you can have a lot of fun turning the lights off and using just a few lights to create a dark, space feel to the room. If you have one of those fantastic planetarium projectors available you could always have this switched on in the dark room so that everyone feels as though they really are floating in space!

If you do have a dark room then you must pick up a packet of glow in the dark stars and stick these on walls or ceilings. They glow up amazingly well, and afterwards you can put them on your child's ceiling. As far as space themed party games are concerned, there are plenty of ways you can take traditional games and throw in a space twist to them. Here are a few examples:

Musical Statues: Make sure you have a collection of space music, such as the Star Wars theme, the Doctor Who theme or the Star Trek theme, and then get all of the children to do their best impression of walking on the moon, with long, slow motion leaps and bounds.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey: Print off, or draw, a starry scene, and somewhere in the middle put the moon. Children are then blindfolded, and given a small cutout of a rocket which they have to 'land' in the middle of the moon for a prize.

Flapping Fish: Cut out some paper rockets, split the children into teams, and give each team a rocket. Each team then has to get their rocket to fly all the way to the end line by flapping a rolled up newspaper on the floor just behind it. Planet Pinata: In a previous blog post we have explained how to make a pinata. Making a planet pinata couldn't be easier. Just use a round balloon, inflate it, cover it with paper mache and then when it's dried, paint it however you want your planet or moon to look.

Duck Duck Goose: Get everyone to sit in a circle, and choose one person to be the astronaut. They then walk around the outside of the circle, tapping each person on the shoulder saying 'star' each time, until eventually he or she taps someone on the shoulder and says 'comet!' instead. The person who is the comet then has to leap up and chase the astronaut around the circle. The astronaut has to run as fast as they can around the circle, trying to sit in the spot where the comet was before the comet catches them. If the astronaut makes it, then the comet becomes the astronaut, otherwise the astronaut has to try again.

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