Celebrate New Year's Eve remembering the past

Published : 25/02/2009 19:23:35
Categories : Seasonal Parties

On New Year's Eve, my family have always celebrated the New Year by picking an older time period, like the Renaissance, the roaring twenties, or the fifties, to remember where we've been and think about where we're going. We've tried to do a different time for each new year's party, keeping our annual guests excited and wondering what year they will step into next. The only thing is to make sure that you give them plenty of time to put things together for their outfits unless you're planning to provide them with things for dressing up-so February ought to be enough advance warning.   Each time period requires separate decorations, party supplies, costumes, and food, but most are very easy to find good, fun things for. We've had medieval feasts of game hens and beef stew, served with no silver wear. We played games like archery and apple bobbing and dressed as different classes. For the fifties we wore poodle skirts and leather jackets and had a swing dance. You can see how it's easy to find period related party activities that can be done with a large group of your closest friends and family.   We even Try to think of themed goodies to put in party bags to ring in the new years for our guests, that coincide with your time period . The traditional new year's eve party products like funny hats and poppers are great, but we just like to do make our new years party celebrations that little more thought provoking.

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