Spend Nothing on Your 40th Birthday Party

Published : 28/06/2009 09:50:21
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The easiest way to spend nothing on your 40th birthday party is to skip the celebration. However, why mope around by yourself on your 40th birthday when there is a party to be had? Turning 40 doesn't mean the same thing it meant even just 20 years ago. 50 is the new 30, so you are only halfway there on someone's scale. So stop moping and get out and enjoy your 40th birthday party.

If you want to get through the entire birthday party without spending a penny, start with some natural events .You don't have to spend a fortune on party supplies and hiring a hall to party in style. Gather everyone for a party on the beach or at a park. Crank some tunes (nothing that shows your age of course) and get busy with all kinds of fun with kids, adults, even the family dog.

Surprise 40th birthday parties usually mean that you haven't had to spend any money on them. These are often thrown around your big day, but not on your big day. Thus, you might want to consider carefully any new invites that you receive for the days surrounding your 40th birthday.

The best thing about having a 40th birthday is that everyone else is going to make a really big deal about it. You are likely to find those Over the Hill party napkins hitting your party or the BIG 4 OH! birthday party plates gracing the table. Everyone loves a good 40th birthday party, and you happen to be the reason everyone got together to make a big fuss. Enjoy it. Not everyone gets to be the centre of attention on a regular basis and we should all eat it up when it comes our way. Sure, you can mope around by yourself and decide that there is some big deal happening because you are now 40, or you can realize that you are the same person you were two days ago and take advantage of the party food.

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