Spice up hen night with an Ann Summers Party

Published : 18/01/2009 13:34:13
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Looking for a unique hen night or simply a great exercise for a girl's night when you can invite your friends over for some unchecked fun? If you are then there is no better way to celebrate than by hosting an Ann Summers party in your home. Although one of the biggest advantages to hosting an Ann Summers party is the commission, an even bigger advantage is that for one night you have the right to go all out and cut lose the ties of normal social behaviour! One of the reasons why Ann Summers parties are so popular for people who want an exciting hen party is because everything the bride to be and her anxious bridesmaids and friends could possibly need is all in one location. From sexy hot costumes to seductive lingerie and sex toys, you can purchase everything or at least play with it in one spot. The best part of an Ann Summers party in your home is that while many of the products are available not for sample (you wouldn’t want that!), at least they are in the hosts home so that you can see what you would get if you decided to order. After getting a sniff of some of the aphrodisiacs, if you are married you may just head home with some ulterior motives in mind! While the Ann Summers agent may bring the goodies, if you want to host your hen party in style you will want to decorate appropriately first with a few party supplies. Red and black make a wonderful colour scheme for your serving plates for appetizers and drinks at your hen party. You may also want to grab some flashing devil horns for your party girls as well as the special flashing slash for the bride to be available online. An inflatable man is also a great purchase but what you do with him is completely up to you! (Although pin the appendage makes for a wonderful hen party game!) Finally, you will want to make sure you purchase some Hen Night badges for after the Ann Summers portion of the evening because no hen night is complete unless you hit the pubs after some partying indoors! PS. While you may think of party bags as a child@s present, there are plenty of adult party bag fillers that will make your evening a complete blast as well!

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08/02/2009 14:18:37

Sounds like a blast!

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