Spice up your child's birthday party with a little face painting

Published : 14/11/2008 20:55:14
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

If you are looking to add some spice to your child's birthday party, without spending a whole lot of money for an entertainer, you might consider adding face painting to your child's birthday party agenda. Kids of all ages enjoy having their faces painted, and since face painting is usually an activity most kid's enjoy at the fair or a carnival, your child and their guests will feel they are at a large festival instead of a party if you hire in a face painter!

In fact, if you want to really cut back this year, you may choose to do the face painting yourself, as most adults can handle painting simple shapes such as a sun, heart, or smiley face without too much difficulty. In fact, if you purchase a face painting book like 5 minute faces, you can learn overnight how to create popular designs such as tiger face masks, pirate faces, and many more with your face paints.

Of course, when you go to purchase your party supplies you will have to budget in the paints too. Online shopping offers you a variety of different face painting products to choose from, but I would recommend the water based Snazaroo products. They are easy to work with, and will come off a child’s face with a simple bath, which parents will thank you for later!

Plus, Snazaroo offers you many different options to choose from so you can decide just how far out and snazzy you want your face painting designs to be. You can choose to purchase liquid colours, or 18ml palate paints (similar to pressed foundation) in standard, sparkle, or metallic colours. Of course, you will also need some other basic face painting supplies such as a few different sized face painting brushes and sponges.

Overall, if you decide to complement your child’s birthday party with face painting, it likely will be a party they and their friends will remember for some time. In fact, you can expect to see other parents adding face painting to their party agendas too since every child in attendance is going to want face painting at their next party as well!

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