Spiderman Party Theme - Not Just for the Boys

Published : 28/06/2009 21:09:15
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Throwing a Spiderman party was perhaps once thought to be a boys experience, but our changing trends prove that girls love to join in on the Spidey fun as well. Spiderman party themes are even fun for the adults as well. Who doesn't get a little excited over some silly string webbing? Everything from Spiderman party invitations to the very special Spiderman party plates can pull the whole theme together.

As kids gather and the party kicks into gear, there are numerous opportunities to encourage the gang to play Spiderman party themed games. Just because there is some sort of webbing involved doesn’t mean that the party needs to be terribly messy. In many cases, party games and the spirit of Spiderman can keep things moving along nicely while the superhero boys and girls take to their missions. Of course, the Spiderman cake will make a huge entrance for all of Spidey's fans.

Spiderman's popularity is unwavering after all these years. He is still one of the most famous and beloved super heroes of our time and children everywhere love the idea of being able to swoop in to save the day on their silly string webbing. For just one day, your little superhero can become the epitome of the character. Imaginations run amok at Spiderman parties and there is no doubt that the day will forever be saved by a simple but crafty Spiderman cake after all that hard work saving the world. Even super heroes need to stop and grab some refreshments from time to time.

Whether you have a little boy or a little girl who wants to join in the land of superpowers and villains, a Spiderman party theme can bring out the fun in you, too. It's almost impossible not to get a little caught up in the excitement at the prospect of saving the world from certain disaster on a Sunday afternoon. Oh and if you want to avert your own mini disaster, don’t forget to distribute the party bags at the end of your party.

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Spiderman Games

22/09/2012 16:28:22

I wish I had a Spider-Man party when I was a kid. Jeezzzzzz

Spiderman Games

14/03/2011 14:21:55

Great themes. Thanks for the ideas!

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