Sponge Cake Recipe

Published : 22/12/2008 18:10:44
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If you want to make a loved one's birthday party special and unique, you might want to add your own touch to the party buffet using this sponge cake recipe. Although you are never too old to party, there are occasions when a simple act of kindness will make for the perfect night and gift.   One way you can show someone you care about them, is by choosing to make a homemade birthday cake instead of a pre-made birthday cake from the shops. Here is a good old Victoria sponge cake recipe that will no doubt impress the ones you love. You Will Need: 2 eggs 4oz butter 4oz self raising flour 4oz caster sugar A teaspoon of vanilla essence A teaspoon of baking powder A little milk to make the mixing easier. (Use common sense with this one don't pour in the whole carton, I just add a little until the mixture is smoother. A sprinkle of icing sugar Jam for the filling (raspberry jam is the best)   This is the perfect recipe to prepare, and with minimum time and effort involved. Simply put the eggs, flour, butter, sugar, vanilla essence, baking powder and milk into the bowl. Get out your whisk and whisk all the items together.   Take an 8ich baking tin and lightly grease it.   Pour into the tin the cake mixture Pop it into the oven at 170 c  for 40 minutes.   When the cake has finished baking take it out to cool, cut it in half and spread jam in the middle, rather like a sandwich.   To finish off the final touches to your Victoria sponge cake sprinkle on some icing sugar for that professional look - delicious! Add candles to complete and serve. Don't forget to decorate and theme your tables with a variety of birthday tableware and other decorative party supplies for yout event

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