Spread the cheer with a family Christmas Party

Published : 30/11/2008 13:30:48
Categories : Seasonal Parties

Ok, so its getting to that time of year again, the time that its freezing cold the Christmas carols are coming out of the closet and everyone is in a rush to get some last minute Christmas gifts. Nowadays there's one thing that people seem to forget the most. Don't you think its strange how people always seem to just meet up on Christmas day? Or, how nowadays, presents are left at relatives houses for others to pick up. The whole concept of a close knit family, and the united as one idea, is going out of the window.   So this Christmas make an effort to see your nearest and dearest by inviting them around to your very own Christmas party. The party need not be expensive, you will find that at this time of year people are very generous and a lot of your relatives will turn up without a car, a bottle of wine in hand and a taxi number to call when the night is finished.

You could cook a turkey and slice meat to make some good old turkey sandwiches, a buffet style layout along with minced pies and some mulled wine will make the perfect Christmas party food. Make sure that you throw in some tinsel for decoration, some party accessories and a few red and green paper plates here and there to encourage the Christmas food mood.   If you haven't already got one, get a Christmas CD compilation, or carols if you're that way inclined. You could even provide your own carolling entertainment and armed only with Christmas spirit and a bottle of mulled wine, annoy the neighbours until your hearts content or until the wine has gone (which ever comes first). Spread the Christmas spirit this year and have a Christmas party to bring the family together.

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