Spring Summer Cake Trends 2016

Published : 18/04/2016 19:00:21
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As with all things in life, cake trends change with the seasons. Here at Parteaz we love to see how cake styles evolve and develop over time and have had great fun predicting the spring/summer cake trends for 2016.

Looking back at 2015, we are sure it will go down in history as the year of the ‘Naked Cake’; a simple, rustic trend that took cake making back to its humble roots.

Yet just four months into 2016, we are already seeing that colour and eye-catching decoration are big players onceagain.

Gravity Defying Cakes

First up on our list of spring/summer cakes trends for 2016 are the amazing gravity defying cakes made famous by The Great British Bake-Off in 2015 (Nadia’s anti-gravity cheesecake is often listed as one for her top three cakes from the show).

These cakes started to emerge into the mainstream towards the end of 2015 and, thanks to the great reception they received, are continuing to be a staple party favourite into 2016 too. 

Top Tip: 
Gravity defying cakes are actually a lot easier to create than they look. All you need is an iced cake, a straw and a bag of sweets – but shhhh, lets keep that little secret between us.

Pastel Perfection

Ever since the colour-gurus at Pantone released their trend predictions for 2016 and declared ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Serenity’ the colours of the year we knew pastel shades were here to stay and would be featuring highly within cake designs for another year at least.

Top Tip: Couple your pastel tones with flower and nature themes for a perfect summer themed daisy cake.

2D fondant Shapes

2D fondant shapes are nothing new and have been gracing the tops of artisan biscuits for a while now. However on out hunt for the top spring/summer cakes trends 2016 we found more and more cake decorators preferring to use them on cupcakes and multi-tiered cakes in lieu of their regular 3D fondant creations.

Top Tip: Layer 2D fondant shapes on top of each others to add colour and texture to your cake decorating.

Chocoholic Dreams

Chocolate cakes had a bit of a bad rep for a while. Somewhere between the 80’s style chocolate gateaux’s and old pub favourite triple chocolate fudge cake we all got a little snobbish towards this delightful brown ingredient and headed towards the more vibrant rainbow and delicate pastel colours over the past five years.

However within the spring/summer cakes trends for 2016 there is once again a nod towards a new style of chocolate cakes. Gone are cakes topped with chocolate curls, they have been replaced with beautifully piped designs created with a delicious range of flavoured chocolate icing.

Top Tip: Add a few drops of peppermint or coffee flavoring to your chocolate icing before piping to give your guests a chocolate delight they won’t forget.

We are so excited here at Parteaz to get working on some new cakes for summer that incorporate these themes – we just need to decide what one to use first.

If you have been inspired by one of these spring/summer cake trends for 2016 and want to create a masterpiece but just wouldn’t know where to start then give us a call and let us work our magic on a custom made cake just for you.

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