Star Wars Rogue One - Sneak Preview

Published : 25/08/2015 10:00:35
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This epic Star Wars cake is perfect for any Star Wars themed birthday party, and can be fully customised and personalised with your message.

Alert! Calling all Star Wars fans! Put down your Star Wars birthday cake for a moment, and take a look at what we've discovered!

As the clock ticks down to the release of the epic new Star Wars film later this year, at Parteaz we have spotted a sneaky insight into the spin off Star Wars series called Rogue One.

Most Star Wars fans will be aware of the spin off series called Rogue One which will be set before the first of the original (and best!) films. One of the actors in this new film is Donnie Yen, and this week he posted a photograph of some of the trophies he has been collecting from the making of the new film, giving fans a sneaky insight into the look and feel of the new film.

The photo he posted is the one below. Everyone will of course recognise the traditional Imperial Stormtrooper helmet in the middle, but the other two are definitely intriguing. The one on the left looks like an Imperial Fighter Pilot's helmet, although it has a much sleeker design than we've ever seen before. As for the one on the right, even our most die-hard Star Wars fan here at Parteaz has never seen anything like it. Whatever it is, it looks as though the wearer has seen plenty of battle.

A sneaky look at some of the props being used in the new Star Wars Rogue One film, giving us some cool ideas for Star Wars themed parties!

Star Wars is one of those series of films that has created a world which bridges generations. Those of us old enough to have enjoyed seeing the original film first screened in 1977 have fond memories and huge loyalty to the original trilogy, whereas those in their teens and twenties have grown up being more familiar with the second trilogy, the prequel.

Now of course Disney has the rights, they have declared that there will be at least six more films, with the first being released this Christmas. From young children not yet even able to see double figures on the horizon, to those considerably closer to triple figures than single, all enjoy Star Wars and all it has to offer.

And of course Star Wars is an epic choice for a birthday party theme. Star Wars themed parties have been a popular choice for many years, and these days there is so much on offer to include, from realistic Star wars costumes to Star Wars birthday cakes, invitations and decorations.

Plus of course you can easily theme any number of popular children's games, such as Pin the Head on C3PO to What's The Time, Emperor? Or you could have Rebel Rebel Stormtrooper (a variant of Duck Duck Goose) or even wrapping a parcel in alternate light and dark paper to signify the Light and Dark sides of the Force, possibly even with children having to open the next layer 'in character', depending upon the colour of the wrapping paper.

When it comes to food, there are plenty of popular choices, but the centre piece of any Star Wars party has to be a pretty epic Star Wars cake, and here we at Parteaz can certainly help you out.

We're no Wookie when it comes to baking, and whilst Darth Vader may declare that you don’t know the power of the Dark Side, we at Parteaz say that you don’t know the deliciousness of a Star Wars cake!

From a 3D montage of the Empire's finest leaders and soldiers, to a fully detailed Star Wars R2D2 birthday cake, our cakes are all hand made, and hand delivered to your door. They can even be personalised with a message for your little rebel!

If you have a fantastic idea for your own Star Wars themed cake, such as a Yoda cake, a Stormtrooper helmet cake or even a Millennium Falcon cake (delivered fast, with our own hyperdrive!) then just contact us on 01702 421900, and Boba Nicky will be delighted to have a chat with you.

May the Force be with you, and as Master Yoda said, "Star Wars delicious cakes Parteaz makes, mmm."

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